Fields B & C Parking
Please make sure you do not park in the building parking lot.  Neither the lower or upper area is acceptable at this time for parking, nor the cul-de-sac.  If a team player is noticed by a league member parked in either lot, your team will forfeit the game. We appreciate your cooperation.

At no time should anyone be utilizing the building facilities of Stream Companies at B/C Fields. They are not for Public Use, this is considered trespassing.  Should anyone be observed utilizing these facilities, there will be penalty imposed including a forfeit.  In addition, do not warm up in the parking lot, employee cars are at risk of damage.  There is space behind field C and usually a few minutes before the 6:45 game where teams can warm up.

Take a few minutes to clean-up after your games

We need your help to maintain our clean fields throughout the year. Please make sure to discard trash after every game.  Trash receptacles are located at all fields. In addition, alcoholic beverages are NOT PERMITTED at any field.. before, during or after games

Remember all waivers need to be sent into the league, reviewed, accepted, then published before you can play.

Fields B&C are now available for practice, as long as you have an accepted waiver. 

**Remember not to park in Field B&C parking lot or be subject to game forfeit.

Reporting Scores:  
Winning teams are required to report their game scores, immediately afyter each game in the playoffs.  Text all scores to CJ @ 610-656-3177.

Do not remove base bags from the fields:
The league's maintenance crew will manage the upkeep of the base bags at all fields. In short, let the bags stay put and let our maintenance staff deal with installing and removing the bags.


Field Maintenance ....  helping with our fields:

When the fields need a little extra care, please take a few minutes to grab a rake, shovel, broom, etc and rake around the bases and batter's box.  It should only take a few minutes with everyone helping out. The field equipment and infield mixture are located in the storage bins behind the backstops.. Your help is very important in maintaining a fun and safe playing condition at our fields.
Lost & Found:
If you've lost or found an item at one of the fields, please email your request to Chris Johnston  at and we'll post your message on the league's Lost & Found page.

  League Commissioner Chris Johnston
  League Vice President Jeff Pachuilo
  League Treasurer Rick Casey
  At-Large Board Member Cory Rutter

Stay tuned... more to follow!!!


Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League
Malvern, PA 19355



League Updates

End of Week 12 of 14, 158 games played - 50 rainouts