Thanks to the folks who worked behind the scenes, to ensure our league operates smoothly

  All Star Game / Picnic Planned for September 19th @ 5PM, with a rain date of September 20. 

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Take a few minutes to clean-up after your games
We need your help to maintain our clean fields throughout the year. Please make sure to discard trash after every game.  Trash receptacles are located at all three fields. And also, alcoholic beverages are NOT PERMITTED at all three fields.. before, during or after games

Fields B & C Parking @ 420 Lapp Road lot
Only park in the designated parking lot at 420 Lapp Road. We appreciate your cooperation.

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WEATHER PERMITTING.. playoffs start Monday, August 6th
► Refer to
Playoff Schedule for dates, times, locations, etc..
► Top 8 teams from each division are eligible for playoffs.
► Unless amended in
Playoff Rules, current bat list, rules and regs are followed.
► All 5:30 pm games must start on time, with "no grace period".
► Interrupted games due to weather, darkness, etc. are resumed from point of stoppage, on the next scheduled night, beginning at 5:10 pm, on the same field.
► Double elimination format is used to determine a post-season playoff champion from within each division.
► The team with the lower seed # will have choice to be the home or visiting team.     (#1 the lowest... #8 the highest)
The champion from the Central will compete in a single playoff game with the East Runner-up team.
The champion from the West will compete in a single playoff game with the champion of the East.
►The winner of the Central / East Runner-up playoff game will compete against the winner of the East / West playoff game in a best of three game series to determine the GVCC Softball League Champion. champion from the Central will compete in a single playoff game with the East Runner-up team.
► Mercy rule is set at a 12 run limit. (refer to Playoff Rules for details...)
► If a player is found to be using an illegal bat during playoffs (as defined by League Rule #34), the player will be ineligible for remainder of the playoffs; and their team assessed a loss, and placed on probation.
Winning teams are responsible for texting scores immediately after the game
to the League President......... CJ.......  Text to 610-656-3177 

Regular Season Winners

Cedar Hollow wins East
Cedar Hollow clinches the East Division regular season crown for the 5th year in a row, with a 13-1  record.   Congratulations to the Cedar Hollow team on winning the tough East Division......again.
Thunder Buddies clinches Central
Thunder Buddies comes into the league this year and impressively wins the Central Division with a 12-2 record. Congratulations to Thunder Buddies on winning the Central division.

Qlik is the best in the West
Qlik posts a 13-1 record to take the West division.  Qlik must have been doing some offseason work as they improved in the standings from a 8-6 record in 2016, and a 7-7 in 2017.  Congratulations to the Qlik team on winning their first division title in the West.

Playoff Division Champions
 East Division Playoff Champion
 Central Division Playoff Champion
 West Division Playoff Champion
  League Commissioner / Web Guru Chris Johnston (CJ)
  League Vice President Jeff Pachuilo
  League Treasurer Rick Casey
  At-Large Board Member Cory Rutter

If you have questions, please contact one of the league officials:



Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League
Malvern, PA 19355



2018 GVCCSL Champions