League Rules
2017 Season


Rules requiring special attention or changes from previous years are HIGHLIGHTED.

1. HIERARCHY OF RULES:  American Softball Association (ASA) slow-pitch rules will be followed, unless amended by this document. All teams are responsible to have a copy of these rules at each game.


  • NO alcoholic beverages are permitted on the playing fields, benches, etc. at any time; or in the parking areas before, during or after the game, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  This applies to all players, coaches, umpires, fans, etc. The penalty for non-compliance is team ejection from the league.

  • Place all trash in the receptacles behind the backstops. We want to keep the fields as clean as possible. If you come across trash on the fields or in the parking lot, pick it up and toss it away.

  • No extended gathering in the parking lot after the games. Once your game is over, move your gathering elsewhere.

  • Foul Language will not be tolerated from players, coaches, or team spectators.  The umpire has the authority to eject players / coaches for using foul language and will report any spectator offenses to the league.

  • The following rules and guidelines are specific to Lapp Road facilities (includes Fields B & C):

    • Do not park in the 400 Lapp Road (Stream) parking lot (neither front nor rear lot) Parking is restricted to the 420 Lapp Road front parking lot. Signs have been posted clearly indicating where you should park. This restriction applies to everyone (players, fans, umpires,Ö) 
      Failure to comply could result in a game forfeit for the team whose player parks in a restricted area.

    • When walking from the 420 Lapp Road parking lot to the cul-de-sac please walk on Lapp Road. Do not cut across the grass.

    • The distance of the bases on all fields is to be 65 feet unless otherwise noted.

    • Respect all neighboring properties;
      DO NOT: ask to enter the Stream building, toss balls in the parking lot, or congregate in the parking lot or near the building. In addition, make certain your children do not: run or play around the building, toss balls or stones at the building. We must be good neighbors!

3. GAME BALL:   The home team will supply one new "12" inch and also an "11" inch league approved / supplied softball, which were provided by the league at the start of the season.   The visiting team will supply a softball used for backup.


  • Each team must supply its own equipment (bats, gloves, etc...)

  • There is no need for the teams to worry about putting the bases away at any time during the season. The maintenance crews are responsible for maintaining the fields and storing the bases away when necessary.

5. UNIFORMS:   Team shirts/jerseys should be worn when available, and be of the same likeness.

6. METAL OR STEEL CLEATS:  Metal or steel cleats are not permitted.

7. LINEUPS AND GROUND RULES:   Lineups will be exchanged and ground rules reviewed with the umpire before each game.


8. SUBSTITUTIONS:   All line-up changes must be given to the opposing team and reported to the umpire prior to being made.


  • Only players listed on the teamís roster and who have submitted the appropriate waiver forms will be permitted to play. 

  • Players are allowed to play for only one team in the GVCC league. If a player is identified as playing for another team other than the team whose roster you are on, the player will be dismissed from the league and any games the player participated in for the team whose roster he / she is not on will be forfeited. 

  • Players must play in at least three (3) regular season games for the team in order to be eligible for the playoffs.
    Forfeited games count as a game played for all roster members on the team that received a win from the forfeited game, it does not count as a game played for the forfeiting team.


  • Team rosters will be limited to 40 players.

  • A copy of team rosters and all waiver forms must be submitted electronically, prior to the first game to the League Commissioner.  Send to:      

  • Changes to a team's roster must be emailed to:  League Commissioner - Chris Johnston:

  • Teams have until June 12, 2017 to update and finalize their rosters  Changes to team rosters will not be accepted after June 12, 2017, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Teams determined to have players participating in games who are not on the team's roster or who have not signed waiver forms, will forfeit all games in which said player(s) participated. In addition, the team will be under consideration for dismissal from the league.


  • The first game shall begin promptly at 5:30 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    If a team does not have the minimum players by 5:30, the game is forfeited.

  • The second game shall begin promptly at 6:45 PM.

  • If the first game runs past 6:40 PM, the second game shall start five (5) minutes after the end of the first game


  • In the event that the home team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs after four and one-half (4 1/2) innings, the game will end immediately.

  • If the visiting team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs after the fifth (5th) or sixth (6th) innings, the game is over.


  • If the 5:30 game is tied after seven (7) innings and no 6:45 game is scheduled for the field, both teams will continue to play until winner is determined.

  • If the 5:30 game is tied after five (5) innings; and a 6:45 game is scheduled for the field; and the time limit is up (see Rule #11), the game will result in a tie. (Each team will be awarded one (1) point in the standings).

  • If a tie exists in the 6:45 game after 7 innings and there is sufficient daylight, both teams will continue to play until there is a winner ... or until the umpire determines the game is called due to darkness, weather, etc...

  • The umpire has the authority to call the game at any time. The umpire has the final say and is responsible for ensuring a safe playing environment.


  • There shall be two (2) female players on the field for each team for the duration of the game. 

  • Two (2) female players must be in the batting order at all times.

  • If only two (2) female players are listed in the lineup, another female can only fill their slots in the batting order.


  • Any team having less than seven (7) players at the designated game time must forfeit the game.

  • If a team has seven (7) or more players, they may choose to play the game provided one (1) female is included in the lineup and as a positional player; otherwise the team must forfeit the game.

  • If only one (1) female is available to play, a position in lineup assigned to the second female player becomes an automatic out and the team must play with one less player in the field, where the missing player would have played.

  • A short-handed team must supply their own catcher.

  • Forfeits cannot be waived by agreement of the coaches or the umpire in attendance.

  • If the game is forfeited, the teams may choose to play a practice game; however, they must clear the field at 6:30 PM for the second game warm-ups.

  • The maximum players in the field at any given time is 10.  The same goes for the batting lineup + one additional extra hitter, for a total of 11.  However, you are not allowed an extra hitter if you do not have 2 playing females in the lineup.  A missing female as an automatic out does not count as a female in the lineup.


  • If less than five (5) innings are played (4 1/2 if home team leads), the game must be rescheduled.

  • Rescheduled games will be played either from the start, or from the time it was halted, this is under the discretion of the league.  Playoff games do not start over.

  • Tie games will not be rescheduled. Each team will be awarded two (1) point for a tie.


  • Games may be postponed for weather, field conditions or field availability ONLY. The Umpire, Umpire Liaison or League Officers will determine this.

  • Games will NOT be postponed due to personal reasons.

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate the teams when rescheduling postponed games.  The league will reschedule all postponed or make-up games. The convenience of the two (2) teams will be considered.


  • Teams are responsible to resolve scheduling conflicts... and required to make every effort to play ALL games.

  • If a scheduling conflict exists, and the teams have agreed upon an acceptable solution, the team representatives must request the change through the league Commissioner (Chris Johnston) a week prior to the currently scheduled game.

  • If given adequate notice, and agreed to by both teams to pay a rescheduling fee of $25 each (or $50 by one team), the league may be able to accommodate the request depending on the time of request in the season and field availability.  Games not league approved for a reschedule that are not attended will result in a forfeit by both teams.

  • Schedule requests will not be accepted with less than 1 week advance notice, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.


  • When no umpire arrives for the game, both teams must wait at least 15 minutes (5:45 PM for the first game) before a game can be postponed for a new date and time.

  • If the umpire does not arrive for the 5:30 game, the teams scheduled to play the 6:45 game must wait until 6:50 before the game is officially postponed.

  • Teams must notify both League Commissioner (Chris Johnston) and Umpire Liason (Jeff Pachuilo) on the following business day, when an umpire is absent for a game.

  • All games will be rescheduled when an umpire is not present to officiate a game.

  • All fields must be cleared by 6:30 PM for the start of the second game, in the likelihood that the umpire arrives for the 6:45 PM game.


  • The winning team must report the score to the appropriate league statistician prior to 10:00 AM on the next business day following the game.  It takes thirty seconds of your time to report the results, so let's stay on top of this.  Best way is to text CJ immediately after the game.

  • Both coaches and umpire should verify the score in the home teamís scorebook.

  • Failure to call, text or e-mail your team's score will result in a loss of one point in the standings. (For instance, after having 9 wins... and if the team fails to report a score, the team's standing will result in 17 points, instead of 18...)


  • "Rule interpretations", not judgment calls, may be protested.

  • Protests must be made by the next business day following the game to the President (or League Officers), and must be accompanied by a $50.00 fee, which will be refunded, if ruled in your favor.

  • Be sure to record the facts leading to the protest at the game, and have the umpire and opposing manager sign that they agree to the facts as stated.

  • All protests will be decided by the League Officers. 
    (refer to Rule #9 of the ASA 2014 Official Rules of Softball).


  • The team forfeiting the game must contact the following by telephone AND e-mail, no later than 3:00 pm on the day of the game, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.. 

  • If the first step is followed: Teams will be assessed one-half (1/2) point penalty in the standings for each forfeited game.  If the first step is NOT followed: Teams will be assessed one-half (1/2) point penalty in the standings AND a $75 fee for each forfeited game.

  • For all forfeited games, the opposing team will be awarded two (2) points in the standings.

  • The official score will be recorded as 7-0. 

  • Teams will be ineligible for the post season playoffs, if three (3) games are forfeited during the season.

  • If a team elects to withdraw from the league, the league fee will not be refunded.

  • Teams forfeiting three (3) or more games will be re-evaluated for entry into the league for the upcoming season.

  • A forfeit will count as a game played for everyone on the winning team roster.  No one on the forfeiting team will get credit for playing in the forfeited game.


  • If anyone is involved in a fight or altercation, regardless of who initiated it, that person will be not be permitted to participate in the league for the remainder of the season and playoffs.

  • The person will be placed on probation for future entry into the league.


  • If you are ejected for any reason you will serve a minimum one (1) game suspension. The ejection will be reviewed by the League President as to the length of the suspension.

  • The suspension will be served on your team's next scheduled game. 


  • If two (2) teams are in first place with identical records at the end of the season, the division winner will be based on head to head competition.

  • Playoff seeding for teams, within the same division, which are tied at the end of the season, will be determined in the following manner:

    • How teams fared against each other in head to head competition.

    • In the event that teams do not play, records against common opponents will be used. 

    • If the previous two steps do not revolve the tie, "average runs per game" margin (which is the average total runs scored minus the average total runs allowed) will be used.

26. STARTING PITCH COUNT:  Each batter will start with a 1 ball and 1 strike pitch count.  In other words, two pitched strikes (with no fouls) equal an out and three pitched balls results in a walk.


27. FOUL BALL AFTER 2 STRIKES:  Since we are going to an advanced count of 1 ball and 1 strike, the first foul after two strikes will not be considered a strikeout but instead, the batter will be called out after fouling off (2) pitches after 2 strikes.

28. FEMALE WALK RULE:  If a male player, who precedes a female batter, is walked:

  • the male batter, who is walked, advances to second base, and

  • the female batter has the option to walk or hit.


  • Outfielders must be positioned at least 30 feet beyond the edge of the infield cut out when a female player is batting.  The outfielders cannot move toward the infield until contact. If it is a swing, this is the same as contact.

  • Increasing the number of infield positional players beyond the four infielders, pitcher and catcher is not permitted while a female player is batting.

  • Outfielders are not permitted to force out a female player at first base after a ball is safety hit to the outfield.  This does not apply when an infielder, catcher or pitcher makes a play on the ball.

  • Force plays at second-base, third-base or home plate will remain in effect and playable.


  • Batter/Runner will use the orange colored bag at 1st base.

    • ASA rules will be followed when double bags are used at first base. 

    • Fielders must use the white bag, which is on the fair side; and the batter--runner must use the colored bag, which is on the foul side.

    • The batter-runner is out when there is a play being made at 1st base and the batter-runner fails to tag the colored bag.

    • After 1st base is occupied, the runner can use the inside bag, which is in fair territory.

  • Under no circumstance will stand-up collisions, at any base, be tolerated. Sliding is strongly encouraged, but not required. HOWEVER, the responsibility of avoiding contact lies with the runner.

  • If, in the umpires' judgment, the runner fails to take the necessary steps to avoid contact, and causes contact, the umpire will call the runner out.

  • On double play situations, runners tagged out at second base must refrain from interfering with the throw to first base.

  • Any interference by the base runner will cause the runner going to first base to automatically be called out for runner interference.

  • Any excessive force used to tag a base runner out, or to force a fielder to drop a ball, may warrant an ejection.


  • An online form is available to communicate your views and experiences regarding the umpires in our league.  Click here for the umpire feedback form.  If the form is not working, email or call the umpire liaison.

  • Feedback will be accepted from team representatives only. Please contact your team representative if you would like to provide feedback.

  • There is no limit on the number of umpire feedbacks submitted during the season.

  • After completing the umpire feedback form, your email program will be invoked automatically and your response will be addressed to the League President... and awaiting final submission.


  • Divisions will be comprised as follows:

    • American East Division: 8 to 10 teams.

    • American Central Division: 8 to 12 teams.

    • American West Division: 8 to 14 teams.

  • A double elimination playoff format within each division, with the following teams eligible:

    • Top 8 teams from the American East.

    • Top 8 teams from the American Central.

    • Top 8 teams from the American West.

  • Each year the League Officers will review divisional alignment and may (or may not) elect to advance one or more of the playoff teams between the divisions.

  • The League Officers may (or may not) elect to drop one or more of the non-playoff teams from one division to another.

33. SCHEDULED GAMES:  All teams are scheduled to compete in a 14 game regular season schedule.


  • With the exception of pre-2000 models, only those bats listed on the league's BAT LIST are permitted to be used for regular and post season games.  Click here for the league's BAT LIST.

  • Coaches and managers are responsible to know which bats their team is using.

  • The Bat Committee, which is a standing committee within the league, will work with the League's President to ensure the integrity of the league continues to be met.  The bat committee will review any bat during the year that is questioned and a decision will be made with the best interest of the league in mind.  The League Officers will make the final decision. 

  • If there is an infraction, the bat will be removed from the game and an investigation by the bat committee will be take place within a week under the direction of the Presidentís office. 

  • For a first violation ---

    • Player will be ejected from the game and suspended for next three games on the schedule.

    • The situation will be reviewed by the league office, possible penalty ranging from no further action to the game in question being called a loss regardless of final score.

  • For a second violation ---

    • Player will be ejected from the game and removed from the league.

    • Manager will be suspended for the next three games on the schedule.

    • Team will receive a loss for the game played regardless of score, will be ineligible for the playoffs and placed on probation for future entry into the league.

  • The ultimate intent of the bat list and rules is to help ensure a safe playing environment for all of our players, coaches and fans.


  • Courtesy runners can be used for any player in the lineup.

  • A female runner is used for a female player, and a male runner for the male player.

  • Any eligible player on the official roster including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner.  The only eligible player in the current lineup is the player who made the last recorded out; gender specific.

  • Courtesy runners are not be permitted in the first inning, until an out is recorded.

  • A maximum of three courtesy runners is permitted in a game.  Only one courtesy runner is permitted per inning.  The maximum limit includes the combined total runners for both men and women.


  • ASA requires Class D Coed leagues to limit the amount of Over the Fence Home Runs per team per game, GVCCSL will adhere to 3 per team per game.  Any over the fence home runs after the third home run by a team will result in a dead ball out, runners can not advance.

GVCC Softball League

Updated: 03/24/2017

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